Lobola/Roora mysteries & Roora shoots Explained

In this Article we will talk about lobola mysteries, the origins of lobola, the rise of lobola photoshoots, lobola cakes, lobola outfits & why you need to pay bride price


A Brief Background of lobola

The practise of paying “Lobola” as part of the marriage process is a tradition in many African cultures. Lobola is essentially the “bride price” that the prospective groom must pay to the bride’s family in order to enter into marriage. For centuries cattle have formed the primary currency of Lobola but more recently, cash plays a significant role. 

Other gifts are also formally requested and agreed to during the negotiations and clothing and blankets often in high demand. historically the lobola negotiations are attended not by the families of the bride and groom, and most often by the men of the two families. 

kaySIMMZpix roora squad

Besides simply coming to a financial agreement, this ritual is said to form a bond between the two families. During the negotiations families who otherwise may not have met, come together to meet and spend time with each other.

What is the importance of paying lobola?

The primary purpose of lobola is to build relations between the respective families, as marriage is seen to be more than just a union between two individuals. The relationship is seen as life-long and in some cases, even after the death of the groom, the union of the families continue in some form.

Does paying lobola mean you are married?

It’s only once lobola has been paid that a couple is considered married. … There is no right amount for lobola. Amounts are determined by the bride’s family after intense negotiation. The value of the bride is determined by her education, job title or even level of income and whether she has children.

Has Lobola been banned in Zimbabwe?

This has been a hot topic in my home country which made most of the younger man very happy, the short answer is No. Lobola or Roora has not been banned. In fact, Roora cannot be banned without first amending Constitution.

What they simply meant is that Lobola will not be a legal requirement. Customary marriage officers will be able to solemnize customary marriages whether or not lobola has been paid. It will still be possible for one to pay lobola if they want, the payment of lobola will not be unlawful.

If a groom wishing to pay lobola fails to reach an agreement with his in-laws on the lobola payable will still be able to go ahead and solemnize the marriage with the bride’s consent of cause.

Roora shoot, cakes and outfits

Because of urbanization and technology, the way we approach lobola has changed. Not knowing if it is good or bad but either way times have changed and surely, we are not going back. These days we are seeing a rise in Roora shoots. 

The first time I saw this was when some prominent guys did this some years ago when there was everything that an actual white wedding has, the MC, the DJ catering team tents and chairs, make up artists and photographers. At that time people thought, it was show off but it was the beginning of these Roora shoots.

Typical Roora Decorations & Catering

lobola deco
lobola catering

Fast forward to 2021 photographers now have packages for these Roora shoots, whereby they capture everything that happens on that day some will even shoot a video of the proceedings. I actually saw one lobola where the guy is in the UK marrying a Zimbabwean girl they live-streamed the Roora via the new and popular zoom app. Is it a good or bad thing? 

Aren’t we breaking the sacred rules of lobola? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.

Roora, Wedding Combo

These Roora shoots have also given birth to a combined lobola and wedding day combo. Because of the pandemic and all these restrictions, it seems it will take a very long time for normal weddings to return, so instead, people now combine the 2, soon after the lobola a marriage officer solemnizes the marriage.

Roora Cakes

Cakes cakes cakes, Whoever thought of these was brilliant, it is like the moment everyone will be waiting for? Roora shoots are now accompanied by Roora cakes, we see confectioneries getting creative with these cakes and boy oh boy you have got to love the creativity. Certainly its something we never saw coming but yes people now order cakes for their lobola day that will be shared by the families on the day. Some are still sceptical some think it is not necessary, which side are u on, the old xool or new xool?

Examples of Roora Cakes

Roora outfits (African attire)

Just when we thought we are safe from the slay queens on the wedding day, think again. We are used to the bride maids putting on their best makeup and gowns, who knew the trend will catch on to lobolas as well. Most our African sisters wear these outfits as part of their culture but the now seem to be trending on lobola day. Since Roora is considered to be marriage most African decided to make their rooras themed like white weddings but in a African way.

Girls in Lobola dresses

This gave birth to the rise of these outfits. Good or bad you have got to love these, you see the groom and bride wearing themed overalls that match somehow and yes the bride and the slay crew will also be representing with their matching attires as well. I don’t know about you but most certainly with all these cakes, outfits and photoshoots it has certainly made Roora’s more modern than the days of old where the groom had to fear the in-laws. 

I wish I knew about other cultures and how other people do it in their countries, if you guys do it differently let me know in the comments of your cultures also I know you might be dying to see these things I have been talking about, I have put up a gallery that you can see of some of the lobolas that we did over the years, the link to the gallery is in the link below.

If you are wondering why they are online galleries you can check out another article that we made over here, and if you are on the hunt for advice on hiring a makeup artist and you can click the article over here,  Also, don’t forget to like, subscribe to our notifications because more of these videos are on the way, see you in the next one.

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