Tips for Hiring a Makeup Artist

5 tips For Hiring a MakeUp Artist

Who doesn’t want the best make up on their wedding day? Today we will be counting down 5 tips for hiring a make-up artist for your wedding, that suits you and your style. Before we begin we upload videos every week to our YouTube channel with more tips, so be sure to check it out. We are also giving away a free digital book (PDF) of this article for offline reading, so don’t forget to grab your book. Alright, let’s jump in…

 5. Look for a reputable name 

As you are on your quest to find the right Make-up artist for your wedding, Ask for referrals from previous brides, photographers, wedding planners or some of the people they work with (if the chance arises), these people work together a lot so they know who does a good job.

Don’t go for price, but go for quality of work, not everyone is honest, like any other profession some of the artists steal other people’s work and claim that this is me, ensure that you have seen their work and if they have a studio or a make-up bar feel free to drop by and verify.

4. Book a trial

Social media will be social media and people tend to put out their best work there so it is important to book a trial with your make up stylist, what you see online or what they send you when you ask them for some of their work might be amazing but what you should be really looking for is their talent on you. A trial will be good because you can get to see if they are good at timekeeping, you can also check if their attitude is great.

A good time to book this trial is when you do your pre-wedding shoot then you get to evaluate when you get the pictures from your photographer. Even though they know their job don’t be afraid to give suggestions or to show them makeup pictures of other people for inspiration so that they may envision what you want and then evaluate if it is possible or not.

5 tips for make up

3. Look at their portfolio

Whether you found them online or heard them from a family friend or another service provider, do your background checks, so that you just don’t choose anybody. Most make-up artists have pages on  Instagram on Facebook, look at their previous work find someone that you think suits your style and make sure  you vibe or you click with that person, remember you will be with them all morning on your wedding day it’s really important to get along with your make up stylist before and on the day.

2. Look at your make up budget Vs Investment

Put your makeup artist at the same level as your photographer, wedding planner and hairstylist. All these professionals will contribute to photos that will not only last your lifetime but will remain in your family.
Invest in a makeup artist experienced with working with flash photography, different weather elements and uses the right tools to keep your makeup on all-day

1. Professionalism

Things to look out for is professionalism as well, make sure your artist arrives on time, do they have clean brushes to use on you, are they using sanitary products or an alcohol spray or some sort of disinfectants products that you might not be allergic to.
Make sure they have a clear communication channel and that they make you sign a contact or some form of written down agreement. 

Secure the date in advance by paying a deposit (BONUS TIP)

For our bonus tip, the best of the best usually get booked early, the wedding calendar usually starts from December going backwards, which means December gets filled fastest the other months. In order to avoid disappointments, book the earliest you can so that you secure your favourite artist/stylist.

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